Supported Web Browsers in VMware vCloud Director

The vCloud Director Web Console is only compatible to 32-bit browsers. If a browser is listed as supported on a 64-bit operating system platform, the use of a 32-bit browser is assumed.

Swisscom browser recommendation

Due to several dependencies between browser versions, platforms and software restrictions, Swisscom advises to use the following tested and working browser combinations:

All other combinations - even when shown on the individual vendors compatibility list - cannot be guarantteed to work properly specifically in conjunction with the VMware console plugin.

(*) Since Firefox V.52, several plugins are not working any more.

Additional information

In addition to the supported web browsers, you also need to use supported versions of Adobe Flash Player, Java, Cipher Suites, TLS and SSL Protocol versions to access the vCloud Director Web Console:

  • Adobe Flash Player: The vCloud Director Web Console requires Adobe Flash Player version 11.2 or later. Only the 32-bit version is supported. (might be requiered as well : "Microsoft Desktop Experience")
  • Java: vCloud Director clients need to have Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0, update 10 or later, installed and enabled. Only the 32-bit version is supported.
  • SSL: vCloud Director requires clients to use SSL. Supported versions include SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. Supported Cipher Suites include those with RSA, DSS, or Elliptic Curve signatures and DES3, AES-128, or AES-256 ciphers.
  • (IE) Compatibility Mode: Enable compatibility mode
  • (IE) FQDN: Add the vCloud Director FQDN ( to the trusted sites

VMware Remote Console Plugin (VMRC)

The VMware Remote Console Plugin follows usually the vCD browser compatibility matrix. Nevertheless, we are recommending only the following browser combinations:

  • Internet Explorer (latest version except Edge)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR version (see above)

Please refer as well to the corresponding VMware article for further browser requierements: VMware Client Integration Plugin

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